Using Person-Centered Practices in the Healthcare System

26 February 2015

Using Person-Centered Practices in the Healthcare System

As I have done more work with the website it is clear how important it is for person centered practices to be used within the healthcare system. As a patient, I bring my one page profile with me to doctor appointments.  It helps me prepare for the appointment.  The doctor may look at it briefly and say how pretty it is or what a great idea.  And that is the extent.  This is okay.  It really is for me.  As a patient I can impact my interactions with my doctor. What would be fantastic is to see the healthcare system as a whole, embrace person centered practices and learn more about patients that would translate into better health outcomes.

Looks like some progress – The other day I was searching the internet for health websites to explore the ways the health industry is implementing person centered practices in patient care. I was thrilled to discover a website, as well as a guide, that focuses on the improvement of patient-centered care (click on the picture to access the guide).  Here is a link to the website:

The guide, as well as the website, provides examples of good person centered practices. One organization called Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital, is using a version of a One Page Profile called My Story poster.


Northern Westchester Hospital encourages patients to request their preferences so that they can be more person centered with them during their stay in hospital. What a great example of being proactive in finding out what matters most to people and making efforts to honor their rituals. Something that is most essential when we are not feeling well.




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