Using person-centred thinking tools in India: the experiences of a health practitioner

03 October 2016

In this guest blog, Dr Girigia of the Centre for Health Intelligence Learning and Development in Kerala, writes about her experiences of using person-centred thinking tools with her patients in India.

I try and use person-centred practices throughout my life. In my professional capacity as a medical practitioner and therapist, I use the tools with my patients during counselling sessions. I also use tools during training sessions for teachers, trainers, seminars for college students and school children. The tools are also very useful for delivering training programmes for special school students.

Specifically, I have found that One Page Profiles have helped me to create my own space in life and make it more meaningful. That tool has helped me to find out the real difference between the need and want and it has helped me to accept life the way it comes. I also really value the Relationship Circle tool, as it has helped me to identify the support system which will motivate me to do more in life personally as well as professionally

Being a behavioural consultant therapist and counsellor I have found application for each tool in therapy and counselling very useful for me and my patients. One page profiles have helped the clients to identify their strength, real need and wants and to strike a balance between the two. Clients have found that this tool helps them t0 utilise their full potential. I also like to use the Four Plus One Questions tool, as it is helpful in analysing the growth of the organisation. We also use it to analyse certain programmes that are conducted before deciding on development projects in the future.

I strongly believe that each and every tool is very much useful in personal and professional life. It will help in personal analysis and is easy to learn and carries lot of depth and practical application. The tools and the approach more widely can be very useful for medical practitioners.

Dr. S Girija MBBS, MPhil, MSC, PGDAP, MTA

Medical Practitioner, Behavioural Consultant, Counsellor, Therapist, NLP/TA Trainer

Centre for Health Intelligence Learning and Development (CHILD)

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