Using person-centred thinking tools in India: the experiences of a teacher

17 October 2016

In this guest post, Bindu K P writes about how she uses person-centred practices in her own life in Kerala, but also how the tools are helping in her capacity as a headteacher at a government school in India.

In my personal life and in my training programmes I use person-centred thinking tools wherever possible. My eldest daughter always plays music while studying at home, which irritates me and I used to get angry with her. One day, I asked her to complete her one page profile, which she was very happy to do. The profile helped me to realise that listening to songs whilst studying helps her to relax and concentrate, so I stopped being angry with her because of it. I also promoted this tool to my friends. It was very useful to them to tell me what is important to them. One of my friends restarted yoga after developing her profile as she found it was very important to her. She now has less muscle pain and is happier all round.

I have also used the good day bad day tool with my daughters. After finding out that they want to spend more time with me at breakfast, I purposefully leave time available to talk with them every morning. In my school, I also I apply this method among my colleagues and students as it helps to create a positive environment.

At school, I have found that 4+1 questions help me to organise and implement programmes in my school. I usually use this tool to evaluate the programmes have been carried out across the school, as it helps us to reflect on the project and improve it for the future. It is very useful to my teachers to evaluate their lessons, and I hope it will help them to improve the quality of their lessons. I also prepared a communication chart with an MR student and I handed over the same to the concerned teacher and parent. The chart was very useful for them to work with the student in a way that suited her needs and wishes.

It is now my objective to prepare one page profiles for all of the students in my school, so we can become a person-centred school. It will be very helpful to understand what is important to the students and will help us to plan lessons and deliver workshops that will benefit the learners. I believe that each and every individual should have the chance to find their SELF. By discovering their SELF, they can mould their life.

I also use person-centred thinking tools to mould my personal as well as professional life. I apply a number of tools in my counselling sessions, training programmes, motivational training for students, in my family life, in my staff meetings etc. I prepare modules using person-centred thinking tools for training programmes. In my training programmes, I introduce these tools and ask people to complete the IPCAI e-learning course. I advise my friends to participate in person-centred workshops, as it has a wonderful impact on your life.

Thank you for allowing me to gain an understanding of person centred approaches.

Bindu K P


Government U P School, Thiruvarppu, Kottayam


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