Wellness and Survivorship

26 February 2015

Wellness and Survivorship

Wellness and Survivorship

This year has been challenging health wise! Thankfully I am on my way to 11 years as a breast cancer survivor!! However, my neck surgery to repair a ruptured disc was not in my Wellness plan.

Now that I have recovered for a few months, I see my strength coming back and have more energy.  Also, I find myself with less and less time for ME.  Over the past two weeks I have had 30 minutes every day to myself other than sleeping. I need more. I repeat the mantra of “it’s okay to take care of me”! Yet I haven’t acted on it. Right now I am in my office on a Saturday. I have found 30 minutes to work and think about my health. I exhaled a deep breath and started on my 4+1?’s to find one small action to improve my physical health.  I spent 10 minutes on my 4+1 questions and arrived at a next step.  See it below. I realized I can get up at 6am (just 30 minutes earlier) and get some exercise, meditate and then make my coffee and start my “getting ready for work routine”!   My five year old usually sleeps until 7:15 am. YEAH! What relief I feel.  AND it only took 10 minutes of focused thinking time to come up with a solution that feels “doable”.

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