What we do

At Helen Sanderson Associates, we support individuals, teams and organisations to put people - and what matters to them - at the heart of the work they do every day. We do this because we believe in a world where everyone is valued and appreciated as an individual, and we know we can make it happen, one step at a time.

We work with customers large and small, from lots of different backgrounds; including charities and companies specialising in health and social care, education and criminal justice as well as in the commercial sector.

How can we work with you to make the world more person-centred?

We’re committed to innovation and learning, and are constantly developing new ways to support organisations to become more person-centred. We’re passionate about the possibilities that new technology brings, and our online learning and training programmes make person-centred approaches accessible to everyone. If you prefer working face-to-face, we can deliver that too. Alternatively, you might just want to learn more about person-centred approaches through one of our books. As you’d expect, we’re happy to tailor our services to put what matters to you at the heart of what we deliver.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Bespoke organisational support
Training courses
Online learning
Organisational change support 
One-to-one support
Graphic recording
Management development programmes
Training accredited trainers
Printing and publishing


Creating a better world, together

As a social enterprise, we invest our profits into person-centred charities through our charitable arm, the HSA Foundation. Because of this, our customers aren’t just creating a more person-centred world themselves, they’re also supporting others to do the same.

Want to know more about how we can work together? Get in touch for a chat.


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