Graphic services

Our Associate Jon Ralphs is an experienced graphic specialist who provides visuals that inspire, motivate and empower individuals and organisations. We offer three services: graphic recording, illustration and strategy visuals or 'strat-o-grams'.

Graphic recording

Graphic recording is a way to visually record conversations, planning and events. Our images help people remember the conversations, feelings, information and actions from meetings, workshops, and conferences.

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This can be delivered as a standalone service for an away day, training day or event, or it can be incorporated into our other services such as our bespoke organisational support or training programmes.

Our graphic recording specialist is Jon Ralphs. Alongside his extensive experience in this field, Jon also brings his knowledge of person-centred approaches and lived experience as a parent of a child with special educational needs. This enables him to deliver a uniquely insightful and sensitive service, along with relevant ideas and an ability to contribute directly to the discussions where required.



Jon also creates engaging hand-drawn, digitised illustrations that can be used to support presentations, animations, publications, advertising and more.

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An example of comprehensive illustrated learning can be found in our e-learning modules at HSA Online Learning.



Once an organisation has developed their strategy, it’s just as important that this is communicated to all stakeholders in a way that’s easy-to-understand, clear and memorable.

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Jon can collaborate with organisations to develop a unique visual representation of their strategy, goals, objectives and other visual planning tools.


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If you’d like to know more about Helen Sanderson Associates’ graphic services, contact Jon directly via¬†


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