Management development programme

Managing and leading require a special set of skills, and we can support the development of high-performing, person-centred managers through our bespoke management programme.

This is run as a one-to-one programme run over a number of sessions during which the manager will be supported to develop two or three personal goals which they’d like to achieve, and to define what success would look like for them.


The manager will be trained to:

  • Develop personal resilience
  • Understand and build on the values that drive them
  • How to stay present and focused
  • How to drive the change they want to see

Depending on the goals that the manager sets, we may also incorporate topics such as:

  • How to deliver person-centred supervisions
  • How to lead Positive and Productive Meetings
  • How to develop a person-centred team culture

Each management programme is tailored to the individual.


If you’d like to explore what our management programme could do to take your leadership to the next level, or to upskill a member of your staff team, please get in touch for more information.


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