Online learning

If you're looking for an effective, efficient and affordable way to make your organisation more person-centred, or to develop your own individual knowledge in person-centred practices, our award-winning online learning packages could be the ideal choice.

Online learning, reinvented

From talking to people we meet, we know that e-learning doesn’t always have a great reputation. It can be seen to be clunky at best, and at worst it’s simply a box-ticking exercise.

We’ve reinvented online learning to make it more suitable for the needs of our customers, which means providing much more than just an online module. The four parts that make up our online packages are:

  • The engaging, interactive e-learning modules themselves, developed with industry-leading software
  • An accompanying printed resource that is sent out to learners, which is ideal for referring back to at-a-glance
  • Access to our online helpdesk, where learners can ask questions directly to our experienced team
  • Ongoing membership of our online learning community, where learners can discuss ideas, solutions and challenges with peers as well as our team themselves

Our online learning packages cover a range of topics, including introductions to person-centred thinking tools for everyone, as well as specialised modules for people working with people with dementia, young people, older people, people with autism and more.


Other online learning solutions

We can also deliver online one-to-one support, webinars and more through our online learning site. To find out more, visit


HSA Online Learning can be bought directly through our website, and we also provide solutions for organisations who are interested in purchasing bulk licences for their staff. To find out more, get in touch with us today.


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