We can provide a range of ways to facilitate change in your organisation. Here are some examples:

Working Together For Change (WTFC)

We can help you to introduce this simple eight-stage process within your organisation. It uses person-centred information and themes to help you to make strategic changes. This requires two days of facilitation. You can learn more about WTFC here. Charlotte can talk you through how we can help.

Progress for Providers

How are you doing in delivering personalised support? Progress for Providers is a range of simple self-assessments designed to help you do this. Michelle can talk you through how we can help you in this process. You can see the full range of the Progress for Providers series here.

One-page strategy

Is it easy to explain what success means in your organisation, how you are delivering this and how you know how well you are doing? Just like a one-page profile, the one-page strategy captures all the important information to clearly communicate who you are and what you are trying to achieve. Michelle can talk you through how we can help you develop your own in one day.

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