Progress in Preparing for Adulthood

This is a one-day workshop that enables people who have responsibility for delivering on the SEND reforms to check their progress in providing personalised support for young people.

What is Progress in Preparing for Adulthood?

Progress in Preparing for Adulthood is a self-assessment tool that enables people to measure their progress on delivering the five key messages from Preparing for Adulthood.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone responsible for delivering and implementing services for young people with Special Educational Needs. This could include: senior managers, inclusion services, care managers, social workers, health professionals, post-16 providers, teachers, SENCOs, educational psychologists, transition workers and other professionals.

What will it cover?

Exploring the national and local context in relation to the SEND reforms and ‘what good looks like’ in relation to:

  • Developing a shared vision of improving life chances with young people, families and all key partners.
  • Raising aspirations for a fulfilling adult life by sharing clear information about what has already worked for others.
  • Developing a personalised approach to all aspects of support using person-centred practices, personal budgets and building strong communities.
  • Developing post-16 options and support that lead to employment, independent living, good health, friends, relationships and community inclusion.
  • Developing outcome-focussed multi-agency commissioning strategies that are informed by the voice of young people and families.
  • Look at national good practice examples from other local authorities and Pathfinder sites.
  • Undertaking a detailed, local action plan to move towards success
  • Sharing information on a range of free resources

Situations where Progress in Preparing for Adulthood can help

  • You want to check how your local authority is doing on delivering personalised services to young people.
  • You want to understand national best practice and move towards this locally.
  • You want to develop a shared understanding and action plan to improve the lives of young people.

How is it delivered?

  • As a one-day face-to-face course, that you buy in for the organisation.
  • We can train up to 20 people at a time.
  • As a team coaching session, which could be face-to-face or by webinar, Skype or phone.

Contact for further information.

For more information regarding delivery and costs of this course internationally, please send an email to one of the following addresses:

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