Personalised Programme for Managers

In brief…

Supporting managers to deliver person-centred change, and build personal resilience, without leaving the building.

How does it work?

The first two individual sessions include using Progress for Providers for Managers to explore how you are doing in delivering person-centred change for individuals supported and staff. From this, you will decide on your two or three goals to achieve through the programme and what success will look like. We will also look at your personal resilience and the values that drive you – how you manage stress and stay present and focused.

From then on, each session is specifically designed to support you to work on your two or three areas to deliver change, and build your personal resilience and wellbeing.

Here is an example. Sarah wanted to change how meetings happened with her team, and see how she could make a difference to the departmental meetings she attended.

Michelle, her consultant, worked with her to explore in more detail what was working and not working about meetings at the moment. They looked at how she could build on what was working, and Michelle identified specific processes from an approach called Positive and Productive Meetings that could help address what was not working. This included sharing a new agenda format that focused on outcomes in meetings, and talking her through how to use a similar working/not working exercise in her next team meeting.

At the end of the session, Sarah agreed to:

  • Watch the 40 minute film that Michelle had done around Positive and Productive Meetings.
  • Look at the e-learning, at the sections on 4 plus 1 questions and ‘working and not working from different perspectives’ (40 minutes total).
  • Have a look at the chapter on meetings in the person-centred teams book.
  • Try the new agenda process in her next team meeting, and use the ‘working and not working’ exercise in the meeting to see how her colleagues felt.

Immediately after the hours call, Michelle emailed her a summary of the actions and the links to the resources. She copied in Sarah’s manager Theresa, as agreed, so she knew what Sarah was working on and could also support her.

Sarah joined in the monthly coaching session and heard how other managers were addressing meeting challenges, as well as some issues around supervisions.

At the next session, Michelle and Sarah reviewed what Sarah had tried and learned, what she was pleased about and concerned about, and what she was going to try next, based on the resources she had looked at.

Sarah’s second goal was to improve how she supervises staff, so they agreed her next steps with changing her meetings, and looked at supervision as well.

What next?

Please email if you are interested, and she will send you an application form and arrange a call with you.

For  a downloadable and printable flyer, please click here.

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