Care and Support Planning – checking your progress

08 April 2017 | By Amanda George

Many people and organisations are convinced of the need to roll care and support planning out at scale, but are telling us they don’t know where to start.

We collaborated with the Coalition for Collaborative Care, Alzheimer’s Society and the Royal College of General Practitioners to create a free, downloadable self-assessment tool to help. It provides practical information for organisations wanting to explore how well they are doing in care and support planning.


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The self-assessment describes what people might be saying or hearing about care and support planning at different stages of implementation, providing organisations with a baseline and helping them identify areas for change and improvement. Alongside our partners we created co-production groups to identify ‘what good looks like’, using these as the basis for our tool.


How the tool works

There are three sections to this Progress for Providers self-assessment:

  • The first stage looks at what needs to be in place for the five stages of personalised care and support planning.
  • The second section looks at the workforce – in particular, what needs to be in place to enable teams to deliver personalised care and support planning.
  • The third section looks at what needs to be in place at an organisational or systemic level to introduce personalised care and support planning.

Each section covers a key area of change, and has five statements to choose from.

Once you have assessed your progress, you can use this information to develop an action plan. This makes Progress for Providers a practical tool to support you to move from evaluation and thinking through to action and change.

There are a range of resources to support you to develop and move towards top scores – from e-learning to face-to-face training and support. Getting care and support planning right is essential for people to gain more choice and control in their life and over the support they are receiving. This self-assessment tool will help you to evaluate how well you are delivering personalised care and support planning at the moment, highlighting areas of strength and any areas where you might be able to improve your services for the people you support.


Download the tool

Click here to download Progress in Personalised Care and Support Planning.

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