How can we use person-centred practices to develop our Education, Health and Care Plan?

There are a wide range of formats for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans).

Here are the SEND Code of Practice details.

We have been working as part of the Preparing for Adulthood team, and with Pathfinder sites, to develop person-centred EHC Plans. Here is an example from Manchester.

This example you have looked at lists the headings for an EHC Plan, what each heading is and how it is developed, issues to cover and top tips. We have worked with Manchester Pathfinder to develop a summary of their EHC Plan headings in the form of a minibook, and you can download this here.

Many of the EHC Plan formats start with a one-page profile; however, there are range of other person-centred thinking tools that can contribute. In this film Charlotte introduces the different person-centred thinking tools that can be useful.

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