Planning Live! Education, Health and Care Plans

Do you want to ensure that you involve children, young people and their families in developing their Education, Health and Care Plans in an inclusive and meaningful way?

Do you want to increase aspirations and help people to think of creative ways of delivering outcomes? Do you want to increase the capacity of young people and families to develop and maintain their Education, Health and Care Plans over time and find an efficient approach to developing plans at scale?

Planning Live can help!

Planning Live enables children, young people and families to work with their support team to gather great detailed person-centred information to inform and develop their Education, Health and Care Plan.

The Planning Live process will enable families and young people to:
• Hear ideas from other families going through the process at the same time to inspire their thinking.

• Become familiar with how to use a range of person-centred thinking tools to inform their Education, Health and Care plan, and have the confidence to add to and build on this information.

• To share with each other and hear about innovative and creative ways of planning support, and to decide on outcomes.

• Explore how to use their personal budget if they have one.


A substantive start to developing clear, detailed person-centred information to incorporate into the Education, Health and Care Plan.

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In addition, professionals will help people to:

• Raise aspirations by hearing and sharing ideas of what’s possible.

• Focus on outcomes and how to deliver them creatively within resources.

• Achieve a whole cohort of young people and families being meaningfully involved in developing person-centred information in one day.

• Deliver on Preparing for Adulthood’s 5 key messages.

How Planning LIve helps to deliver Preparing for Adulthood's key messages

Shared Vision

The process of Planning Live involves the young person, their family and others who know and support them (their circle) coming together with partners from the community and services to begin the development of their plan. The shared thinking and planning informs young people and their circle about what is in the local offer, as well as informing partners of what young people want as they move into adulthood with full lives, identifying gaps and informing commissioning, service design and delivery.


Raise Aspirations

This approach encourages young people to think about their aspirations for education, learning and employment, living independently, relationships and community inclusion, and health. They hear about what has worked for others, share stories and information, and are helped to record their thoughts about what they want to achieve in life. It gives families and young people the confidence to sound out new ideas with each other, and the courage to be more innovative than they might otherwise be planning alone.


Planning Services Together

Planning Live uses a variety of person-centred thinking tools to support young people and their families to think and plan for their future. Central to the process is to have a clear understanding of what is important to the young person, as well as how best to support them in all areas of their lives. It uses the working/not working, decision making and community connecting tools to ensure a person-centred approach. Planning Live then designs a perfect week and filters this through the Just Enough Support process. This helps to identify what support they have from their own networks and community, what provision is needed from services and who has responsibility for action, as well as identifying how the young person’s personal budget can be allocated if they have one. Having the right people in the room is essential for a personalised approach, to ensure that young people and their families have the right information, support and guidance.


Personalised Approach

Planning Live supports young people to identify their aspirations for adult life, and therefore to think about and plan for the options they have post-16, which will lead them to a job and full life. Having the right information, advice and guidance in the room will support effective planning. Young people are supported to think about how they can use a personal budget, if they have one, to best effect after leaving school, using this flexibly to plan a well balanced provision that makes the most of the resources they have.


Post-16 Options

Planning Live focuses on identifying and developing outcomes with young people. These outcomes are recorded in the Education, Health and Care plan, and can be used to inform commissioning and provider developments in education, health, social care, employment and housing to ensure greater choice and control in the lives of young people. A group of people planning together will give more clarity to where there is good local provision and where there are gaps, in a stronger way than if people are planning individually.


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