Primary schools

Primary schools

If you work in a primary school or are interested in personalising education for primary school children, we can help you make positive change.

We work with schools, parents and pupils using person-centred practices, because we believe that children learn better and grow up happier and more confident when they are treated as individuals.

You can learn more about person-centred practices in education through our online learning website,

How can I support pupils with transition?

Person-centred thinking tools to support pupils through transition.

How can I focus on raising achievement in a pupil-centred way?

Using person-centred thinking tools with primary school pupils.

How can I develop a detailed school development plan that reflects personalisation?

Using person-centred thinking tools and Working Together For Change.

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To deliver personalisation you must first be person-centred.

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Passionate about personalisation, choice and control in practice.

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