Special Schools

Special Schools

If you work in a special school or are interested in personalising education for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), we can help you to make positive change.

We work with schools, parents and pupils using person-centred thinking tools, because we believe that children and young people learn better and grow up happier and more confident when they are treated as individuals. Person-centred approaches are particularly useful when thinking and planning for transition.

You can learn more about person-centred practices in education through our online learning website, HSAOnlineLearning.org.

How can we make sure that our student voice is heard?

Using person-centred thinking tools to really listen to pupils.

How can personalisation support pupils’ aspirations?

Using person-centred thinking tools to raise aspirations.

How can I improve the annual reviews?

Person-centred reviews for people with special educational needs.

How can I ensure that staff feel valued and want to stay?

Using person-centred thinking to motivate and retain good staff.

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