How can I ensure that staff feel valued and want to stay?

No matter who they are, staff need to feel that they are making an important contribution to school life and that this is recognised and valued.

Knowing that you are doing the right job, with the right people, at the right time is a key factor in job satisfaction, and there are a number of person-centred approaches that can support this. For example:

  • Appreciation – to create a culture of respect and make a positive contribution to team building, through knowing what everyone appreciates and values about each other. Identifying the strengths and talents of team members supports individuals to use their gifts to have the greatest impact on the team.
  • Capacities and Gifts / Capacity Mapping – to explore what each member of the team has to contribute to ensure that skills are deployed effectively.
  • Matching Support – to match the right teachers with the right pupils.
  • Passion Audit – to identify interests and facilitate teachers teaching subjects and topics they are passionate about.

Supporting staff to create a one-page profile gives some important messages about how much an organisation values its staff. A one-page profile begins with appreciation – it details what others like and admire about the person, and sends out a strong message that the school believes in and values the unique qualities of the person that they can bring to the life of the school. The second section gathers information about what is important to the person from their perspective. In supporting people to feel valued within an organisation, it is important that they know that what matters to them matters to you. The final section details how best to support the person to be the very best teacher, teaching assistant or site manager, etc, that they can be. Paying close attention to the information in this section and acting accordingly creates a collaborative working ethos where people know they are listened to and heard. This animate explains what a one-page profile is and how to create one, and here is an example of how Corinna used hers.

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