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06 May 2017 | By Amanda George

Hi, Georgie here. I wanted to tell you a bit about my Internship, what I have been doing and what I have been learning about!


If you have seen my vlogs, you will know that I have been doing loads of travelling around the UK, speaking at conferences and taking part in young people’s groups. I have also helped in schools think about their work by doing One-Page Profiles with young children between the ages of 9 to 10 years. My “Georgie’s Guide to One-Page Profiles” will be ready very soon!

I am part of the Council for Disabled Children, the National Advisory Group and I am also part of the Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Shadow Board Group. It has been good to be part of these groups, as they have helped me to learn what a good group is looks like for me. I am currently working on my “Georgie’s Guide to Young People’s Groups”. I know that for these groups to work best for me, they need to be well-organised and very interesting.

I have also talked to groups at conferences in the UK by doing my presentation and talking to people afterwards. It makes me feel more confident and comfortable to do it that way around!

At the start of my Internship, I was stressed at first moving from Milton Keynes College to an Internship job. However, I need less support now and I don’t find things scary at all!

In the past when I was younger, I used to be very shy and I used to hate talking to people. But, now I am much more confident and I am positive. I have spoken to BIG groups of over 140 people! “Wow! That is amazing!” I get really good feedback, which makes me feel a bit emotional when people come up to me afterwards and tell me that I am inspirational.

That makes me feel very special!

At one conference in particular, the Director of Education introduced me and sent me a lovely letter that evening. He said:

“You should be very proud of yourself- you’ve achieved more in your first few years of life than most achieve in a lifetime.”

He also said:

“I was impressed to hear about how you managed to influence government policy and how you’re now championing the rights of children and young people.”

This is because he knew that before my Internship started, I presented my views about young people with Autism getting on to Apprenticeships at Westminster in London. A taskforce was set up as a direct result of this meeting and the recommendations for fairer access to Apprenticeships were accepted by the government.

The thing that I have really liked most about my Internship is travelling. I have planned really well for my journeys in advance and now I feel so much more independent and confident.

The other thing I have learned is about feedback. I used to find this difficult because I would see suggestions in a negative way. But, now I see it as a way to help me make something positive and change it into something outstanding!

One of the other things that I have learnt is what I don’t want to do after my Internship. The most challenging thing about my Internship has been working on my own at home when I am not travelling. Home is where I usually relax, not work! For my next job, I don’t want to work at home.

I have a few months left on my Internship now and I am currently thinking about what I want to do next. I am not absolutely sure, but I know that I definitely want a full-time paid job.

I will keep you up to date with you on what else I will be doing in my Internship and my plans for afterwards and also to look out for the Georgie’s Guides books coming out very soon!

You can connect with Georgie on Twitter @GeorgieHSAUK.

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