How can I feel confident that we are delivering person-centred care?

There are three ways that you can check how well you are doing in delivering a person-centred service. You will get the greatest impact from using all three.

  • The first is to use Progress for Providers. There are specific versions for care homes and homecare. This is a free self-assessment for managers to use to check their progress in using person-centred practices. You can then set yourself targets to build on any areas that you want to improve.
  • The second is to invite an independent observer to use a process like ‘Dementia Care Mapping’ to find out what people’s day-to-day experience is. Person-centred practices can help you to implement what you learn from the dementia care maps, and this paper explains how this can work.
  • The third way is to involve the people who use your service and to find out what is working and not working from their perspectives, and what they would like to see in the future. This process is called Working Together For Change and is based on person-centred reviews. Here is a paper describing Working Together For Change.

Each of these three approaches work well individually and together, so that you can check your knowledge and practice (Progress for Providers), get an independent perspective on how people experience your service (for example, Dementia Care Mapping) and hear directly from people you are supporting about what they want to see change (Working Together For Change).

Finally, if you are using personal budgets with people living with dementia, POET is the best way to assess the impact that this has in people’s lives. You can contact In Control for more information.

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