How can I improve staff morale when I can’t pay people more?

We have found two ways to improve staff morale that do not require more money, but can make a big difference.

The first

Support each staff member in your team (and this will include administrators and housekeeping) to have a one-page profile, and to use this in team work and supervision.

Staff one-page profiles are a way to capture what their colleagues appreciate about them, what is important to them (both in and outside of work) and how to support them to work at their best. Staff who have one-page profiles tell us that they know their colleagues much better (even if they have worked together for years beforehand) and therefore feel more connected. You can use staff one-page profiles with your team to develop ‘team agreements’ that describe how you will support each other in your team. Here is an example from a care home. Every four to six months, you can ask people what is working and not working about the team agreements in practice, and agree actions to change anything that is not working. For managers, one-page profiles give you vital information about how to support each of your colleagues and what good support means to them.

The second

Use staff one-page profiles to help you match staff to people who use your service – whether this is homecare or care homes. People will get a better, more person-centred service, and staff will get a greater sense of job satisfaction if they have the opportunity to work with someone who shares their hobbies or interests.

Here is a poster that describes the benefits for staff in having a one-page profile, and watch the webinar below that goes into more detail about this subject.


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