Introducing a new way to create cultural change in dementia care

31 May 2017 | By Helen Sanderson

It's Helen here, and I'd like to share a message with you from myself and David Sheard of Dementia Care Matters; with whom I am partnering on an exciting new project to create culture change in dementia care.

We’re calling it The Butterfly Community.


What is The Butterfly Community?

For over twenty years, David and I have both worked to create new ways to care and support for people. We’ve both developed care homes, worked with partners, educated future leaders, and designed learning materials.

Now we want to move to the next stage, to reach more people than ever before to achieve the cultural change we all want to see in dementia care.

We’re doing this through The Butterfly Community – an online membership site designed to support this culture change, available from wherever you are in the world. We’re doing this together so we can build on our shared knowledge, ideas and resources to create an innovative, exciting and effective new way to learn.


How it will work

The Butterfly Community will provide learning resources that are organised around a monthly theme, and:

  • Information will be delivered to your e-mail, each week

  • You will be given the tools to really understand where you are currently in relation to best practice in a particular area

  • Following this, you will be able to access a range of practical ways to develop your care approach in a way that reflects your organisation’s needs

  • You will see examples from care homes and can take part in a live monthly webinar

  • Each month we will also add more bite-sized and detailed resources to the membership site


Each membership, in addition to the above, also includes:

  • 3 free, award-winning e-learning packages on person-centred practices and people living with dementia, worth £150, from Helen Sanderson Associates

  • A member directory, so you can contact each other

  • Electronic ‘badges’ that you can put on your care home website and emails to demonstrate your membership of The Butterfly Community and your commitment to ongoing learning

  • Reduced cost places for 2 people at the annual event hosted by Dementia Care Matters and Helen Sanderson Associates


Join us for a live webinar to find out more

We’re excited to tell you more about The Butterfly Community and to hear your thoughts and ideas, too.

That’s why David and I will be hosting a live webinar on 15 June, talking about:

  • Our plans and aspirations for The Butterfly Community

  • How you can get early-bird, reduced rate access

  • An exciting event we’re planning for September

  • 6 new tips to develop your care home

You’ll have the chance to ask us any questions you might have about the site, learn about how you can get involved and share your insights into what would be valuable to you.

To read more about The Butterfly Community and sign up to the webinar, visit

I hope you’re as excited about our new community as I am, and that I will see you soon in our webinar.

Best wishes

Helen & David

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