Launching the free ‘Innovations In Dementia’ e-book

25 October 2016 | By Amanda George

There is a great deal of understandable concern about how people with dementia are currently supported, all the way from diagnosis and early post-diagnosis support through to assistance for people with late stage dementia.

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Many people have considered ways of improving this position. They have proposed solutions including higher spending on social and healthcare support for people with dementia, better trained and qualified staff, better commissioning, inspection and regulation, and the introduction of person-centred approaches to support.

Alongside this, there have been many ideas for new models of care and new service models, which are developing around the country.


Introducing 'Innovations in Dementia'

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Reflecting these innovative approaches, we are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Innovations In Dementia’, a new e-book that showcases a wide range of approaches to supporting people with dementia in a way that reflects what matters to them. The book has been written by In Control and Helen Sanderson Associates and was sponsored by Alternative Futures Group.

Examples range from the use of Individual Service Funds / Option 2 (in Scotland) to Community Circles and supported volunteering, amongst others.

To download the e-book, click here.


To find out more about our work with people living with dementia, please get in touch with our Adult Social Care lead, Michelle Livesley, on or through our Contact Us page


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