Lights, Camera, Action!

26 February 2015

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have had a really exciting two days! Shoot Productions, a Bradford based film company, worked alongside the staff and children here at Norris Bank to create footage for a film on One Page Profiles.


Helen and I had put together a schedule of filming, to reflect our journey of introducing One Page Profiles throughout the school, and also to give staff and children the opportunity to talk about the impact One Page Profiles have.

Initially, I was really worried that the schedule would not work – this was all very new to me and I had no idea whether the package I had put together would work out! However, the two days worked brilliantly, with many different aspects being covered. Our brilliant staff rose to the challenge of being filmed; some had no option but to be filmed, whilst others volunteered.


Our Reception teachers talked about the value of One Page Profiles on transition from Nursery, our PHSE coordinator talked about fitting the profiles into the PHSE/SEAL curriculum, and our Year 5/6 teacher talked about how she enjoys working on the profiles with her class. I held a staged staff meeting with a range of other teachers and teaching assistants, and our office administrator was filmed putting the profiles into the reports. Our Head teacher talked about how it has changed the school, and our pupils were brilliant in re-enacting sessions and talking on a personal level about their profiles. (The girls loved the thought of being filmed, and there was a lot of hair styling going on!) We also had a really important person who arrived at school to be filmed – none other than Andrew Webb, who is the Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Stockport Council. This was a brilliant opportunity to talk about the personalisation agenda and how it can work in schools.


Working with a film crew is an exciting opportunity, albeit the lights are VERY hot, and the aeroplanes taking off and coming into land at Manchester Airport proved problematic at times. The sound man (Adam) and camera operator (Emma) were really expert in capturing the essence of what was being said, and Sarah (producer/director) put us all at ease and coped with our mumbled lines and fits of giggles. We all had to learn where to look, and we picked up some of the tricks of the trade; ‘noddings’ and ‘punch ins’ were new words to us.

We look forward to seeing the end product, and hope that it captures not just the real essence of One Page Profiles, but also that it captures the spirit of Norris Bank.

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