Moving forward with one-page profiles

26 February 2015

Moving forward with one-page profiles

The school term is rapidly drawing to a close. We seem forever racing along!

Last week we had our Inclusion Quality Mark reaccreditation. We were awarded this quality mark three years ago. I had to put together a huge file with plenty of evidence supporting ten different areas, ranging from teaching and learning, leadership and management, the resources available to pupils and the wider school community. We had a formal assessment when the lead SEN advisor from the authority came and went through the evidence with a fine toothcomb.

The reaccreditation process was less intense, but I still wanted to celebrate the many aspects of inclusion that run through everything we do here at school. The advisor coming in had said that all she wanted was a conversation – I gave her an exhibition! I presented a range of table top resources to show and talk about, as well as displays around the room. We started off the session with a slideshow of photographs of our pupils taking part in the wide range of activities that happen here at Norris Bank. She was impressed!

A major focus was our one-page profiles work. She was really interested to see how it had developed since the original quality mark was awarded, and asked many questions about how it has been built into our school year. She loved the postcard approach, appreciating how children would enjoy being involved in creating and updating the profiles. She has asked me to talk to all the other SENCos in the authority at their termly meeting; of course I have agreed!

We have also started the process of gathering information for the new one-page profiles, ready for transition to new teachers in September. New children entering our Reception class have had the profile sent home, in readiness for their 1:1 meeting with the teachers in July. Our existing pupils have taken a one-page profile postcard home to start the process of collecting information. This will then be further worked on by teachers who will add their comments to the ‘great things’ section and the ‘top tips’ section.

I sent home an explanatory letter to parents, so that there are clear guidelines as to the type of information that would be relevant. A copy is as follows:


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will know, we complete One Page Profiles for all our pupils. These are edited and updated throughout the year. As we are now approaching the end of this academic year, we are ready to create profiles ready to hand onto the new teachers. In the past we have asked you to complete a ‘stars’ sheet, which you returned to school. We are going to try a new, more efficient system this year.

Every pupil in the school will be bringing home a brand new postcard. As homework, we need your child to

  • Draw a picture of themselves, or stick a photograph of themselves into the relevant space. They can decorate the border as well.
  • Write (or you write for them) all the things that are IMPORTANT to them at this moment in time. This may include their favourite toy, their favourite activity, their favourite book, special people, special places, special pets.
  • This section is important to us as it gives us a picture of the ‘whole child’ and provides us with a great way of knowing each and every one of our pupils.
  • Write (or you write for them) TWO or THREE things that they are proud of about themselves. This may include things such as: I look after my pets really carefully. I am really good at making lego models. I am a brilliant reader.
  • Then YOU AS PARENT/CARER write TWO or THREE things that you are really proud about your child. This may be things such as: They never give up, even when faced with challenges. They make people smile. They are brilliant at understanding other’s feelings. They are lovely with their elderly grandparents. They brighten my day.
  • This section provides you with a wonderful opportunity to share with your child and with us at school all those magical aspects of your child and their development. This is so important for us to be aware of, and to appreciate. Space must be left for school to add to this section as well!
  • On the REVERSE of the card, please can your child write (or you write for them) TWO top tips that they really want their new teacher to know about them, to help their learning. This might be: ‘I don’t like putting my hand up in case I am wrong’. Or ‘I love being asked questions in class’. Or ‘I need to be kept on task as I tend to daydream’. Or ‘I tend to chat so need to be kept quiet!’
  • Then you write TWO top tips that you think are important for the new teacher to know about your child.
  • This section is so important for the new teacher to have a clear picture of how to help your child and their learning. Space must be left in this section as well for the present teacher to add their ‘top tips’.

Please return the card to school as soon as possible, for the teachers to continue working on and developing the new profile ready for the next teacher. This is important! Thank you.


I will write in the July blog about how successful this approach has been.

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