Our new Personalisation Manager – Lyn Byatt

26 February 2015

Our new Personalisation Manager - Lyn Byatt

I am delighted to have joined Oxley Park Academy at this really exciting time when the Academy is developing personalised approaches for all children within the school community. Taking the lead on this is a new challenge that I am really excited about.

I have worked in Milton Keynes for many years, as a teacher working with children with special needs and disabilities, an Inclusion Manager in various schools and most recently, I was employed by the Local Authority as a specialist advisory teacher for children with communication and interaction needs.

The increased emphasis on the inclusion of the views of children in their own reviews/provision has been an on-going feature of those years. One of the frustrating aspects of my work has been finding an effective way of achieving this. When I attended my first Person Centred Review at Oxley Park as a Local Authority adviser, I realised that through person centred reviews (PCR) there was an effective way of putting children at the centre of their own reviews and influencing provision for themselves. When the role of Personalisation Manager at the Academy was advertised, I applied and was offered it; I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

And so, in January, my journey began. It started with attending a two day training course in Person Centred Reviews which touched on a whole range of person centred approaches. This allowed me to learn the PCR process alongside other trainees in a supportive environment with an informal, practical approach. I now feel I have the skills and knowledge to organise and lead my first PCR with Ross, another teacher at the Academy who joined me in the training.

Ross and I are also being mentored to be trainers in PCR. We have had our first mentoring session and our mentor will be observing and feeding back on our first PCR. This will be in March and I’ll let you know how this went in my next blog.

As I settle into my new role, I am really looking forward to starting to develop a pathway towards personalised provision plans for all children at the Academy revolving around the one page profiles. My vision is one where all children have their individual needs catered for with their own involvement in the best possible way. Watch this space!!

Next time I’ll tell you all about my first attempt at facilitating a PCR and update you on the pathway to personalised provision plans for all.

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