The new school year starts and, with it, the exciting development of Personal Provision Plans for all…

26 February 2015

The new school year starts and, with it, the exciting development of Personal Provision Plans for all…

What a busy start to a new school year we have had!  All the children returning full of enthusiasm for their new school term; Year 6 children proudly wearing their special ‘top of the school’ blazers and the Foundation children touring the building ‘wide eyed’ and in awe of their new surroundings! And what is even more exciting…very soon all these children and everyone in between will have their own one page profile!

Our vision of personalisation for all is continuing full steam ahead.  Many children and teachers at OPA have one page profiles already; they play a pivotal role in personalising our ‘school offer’and enable everyone, most importantly the child and their parent, to have their say and for this to be listened to and shared.  Consequently, one page profiles for all is the centre piece of our Personal Provision Plans approach.  And the time is right to develop these for all children and adults in our school community.

So, we’ve had a flurry of work across the school on one page profiles.  Year 6 have been using person centred tools such as ‘good day bad day’ and templates to write about what they like and admire about each other.Foundation stage teachers have been developing these with parents as part of their home visits which has been very positively received.  And a whole range of other activities have been progressing in all year groups.  It’s amazing how insightful children are about each other at a very young age.  One class has even managed to get these up on display already! And, great news…an experienced parent volunteer, totally engaged in this approach, is beginning to work with small groups of children using the’good day bad day’ tool through art activities to develop their one page profile further.

But, it’s not only the children who are engaging in such activities.  In our first staff meeting of the new school year, new teachers learned all about and created their own one page profiles.  Unfortunately, although I had the camera with me, I got so involved in the session that I forgot to take photos!  So sorry, none of those to show you this time!

This was closely followed by a full staff meeting using the ‘four plus one’ question tool to obtain everyone’s views on where we are at and moving forward with our vision of one page profiles for all.  This generated much discussion and loads of brilliant ideas about how to progress.  The ideas just went on and on! And, what’s more, we’ll have the chance to discuss these with a very special visitor next week…Helen Sanderson is visiting.  I’ll tell you all about it next time!

And more about our Personal Provision Plans approach next time too…

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