A new way to learn about person-centred reviews

25 January 2017

Person-centred reviews are a great way to get people thinking about what's working and not working, to help them move closer to achieving the life they want to live. Here, we're introducing a new way to learn about them, for just £95.

Do you want to think about reviews differently, in a way that’s person-centred and really focuses on what matters to the person?

Do you want to understand how a fresh way to think about reviews could help you, your colleagues and your organisation?

Are you interested in a new approach that will help you think differently but still meet statutory requirements?

We are offering a completely new way to learn about person-centred reviews for both adults and children.



Our new way of learning is made up of:

• an interactive e-learning resource to complete

• 3 interactive webinars, led by Vicky, to help you put what you have learned into practice or ask questions about your own personal challenges. These will also be recorded, so you can watch them later if you cannot attend all of them



Costs, dates and booking

The cost of our full e-learning package, including the three online webinars, is £95 per person (+VAT).

E-learning will be sent out in March, at which point we will liaise with the group to set suitable dates for the webinars.

To book, visit HSA Online Learning here. If you would prefer to be invoiced, just e-mail vicky@helensandersonassociates.co.uk.


You can also buy the package without the webinar access for £49 per person (+VAT) here.


Keep in touch

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