A New Year – reflections and action!

26 February 2015

A New Year – reflections and action!

We welcome our new blogger, Ross Griffin who is Year 6 Leader.

With the New Year upon us, Oxley Park Academy decided that the time was right to reflect on our learning so far in terms of the development and implementation of One Page Profiles across the school. So, together with Gill from HSA, we had a session with the team to look at what was and wasn’t working, from different perspectives. We worked in year groups and shared what we wanted to celebrate and which areas we wanted to focus on in the coming terms. One of our action points was to refresh the work we have been doing with the children in supporting them to develop their profiles. We will share some of our other action in future blogs!

We had already just developed a new Medium Term Plan to do this work with children in Key Stage 2, linked to the National Curriculum, and we decided to also develop a specific plan for Foundation and Key Stage 1 children. As personalising children’s learning has always been paramount at Oxley Park Academy, teachers constantly strive to ensure learning is fun yet individualised to match all children’s levels and needs so this fitted in perfectly.

Stage One of this new adventure consisted of three parts: Like and Admire; Good day/Bad day and Building Support.

Like and Admire:

The creation of the One Page Profile began with an activity known as ‘like and admire.’ Here children had the opportunity to comment and record some of the many qualities their classmates had. Such an activity promoted team building skills as well as developing children’s speaking and listening. By the end of the session each child had an individualised profile sheet with lovely comments created by their peers. Overall this was an uplifting experience for all.

Good Day, Bad Day:

Week number two started with children contemplating what it was that made school such an enjoyable experience. Working in pairs they drafted a list of key criteria which together helped create a learning environment which was fun, caring and suited to their individual needs. Such a focused activity quickly enabled all learners to understand what it was that helped them learn and build upon pre-existing fundamental skills. To appreciate these further, learners worked in groups to consider what subsequently would result in an unhappy or as some would say ‘a less productive day’.

Building Support:

The final part of stage one was ‘Building Support’. Having identified in the previous session what it is that helped us learn, it was easy to see how individualised this approach was going to be. Yet after recognising what these steps were we now had to put in place workable steps to move the process further. It was here that we entered the solutions stage. Children worked in pairs to identify and come up with steps to ensure that measures were in place to achieve what we now knew as the ‘good day’.

We have more work we want to do, particularly in involving parents in the development of the children’s profiles, and we are looking forward to learning from this.

With the snow still falling around us, we look forward to the half term break before building further on this and embarking upon Stage Two; One Page Profiles in Operation.

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