Ofsted and One-Page Profiles

26 February 2015

Ofsted and One-Page Profiles

This week has been an interesting week! It started on Monday, when Charlie Henry – the chief HMI for SEND – came to school to talk to us about one-page profiles. I had shared our work with our new advisor a few weeks earlier, and he was so taken with the power and simplicity of the one-page profile that he wanted me to talk to the chief HMI. This meeting went well, and he had his inspector hat on throughout the meeting, asking us searching questions about measuring impact and validating our findings.

I was then asked to talk at a conference the following day. This was a conference on SEND and the OFSTED framework, given by Charlie Henry. The room was packed with primary and secondary Special Needs Coordinators, Head teachers and most of the Stockport advisors. Charlie Henry gave us lots of food for thought, and on several occasions referred to the one-page profiles as fitting elements of the framework perfectly.

So I had to follow this top act! Although I thought that I would be nervous, once I stood up and stared to talk, it all came very naturally. I think because I know the one-page profile process so well, and because I know the impact so clearly, I was able to talk without referring to my notes. I was focusing on the ‘what’s in it for me’ element, to try to emphasis the impact that one-page profiles can have within a school. We then showed the film, which held the room in focused silence.

Afterwards, I had many people come up expressing an interest. The local authority wants to create a working party to develop one-page profiles. Our challenge now is to move the enthusiasm felt within the room at the time, to action after the event. I have found that people say positive things during conferences, and then fail to follow this up. This is frustrating. But hopefully, with the advisors on board they can help push this through.

Referring back to last month’s blog on teacher one-page profiles, ours are developing really well, with people very keen to share them. My Head teacher has had the lovely idea that when he is given one, he will give his back; a swopping of presents! I will do the same. I know we have all enjoyed the process of creating our one-page profiles, and sharing them will be another way to develop team cohesion.

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