One-page profiles across the borough

26 February 2015

One-page profiles across the borough

I have been asked to work with Stockport LA on a very important and influential project, bringing One-Page Profiles to the whole of the borough.

Head Teachers have received a letter inviting them to a fact finding meeting at the start of March. At this meeting, we will present an overview of what One-Page profiles are, both for mainstream and SEN pupils. We will talk about the impact that having profiles throughout a school can have – on teachers, pupils, parents, governors and outside agencies. We are then offering a training package for schools who want to take part in the project.

Once we have secured enthusiastic schools, we will run training sessions for the leadership team and the SENCo, to ensure that processes and practices are done correctly.

The Local Authority is also determined to replace the standard (dry) Statement paperwork, with One-Page Profiles. This is a bold and brave move, and we are ahead of the times – the changes to SEN come into play in 2014. But the proposal is to build the One-Page Profile into the SEN system, so that it becomes a necessary and integral part of the whole process. The key personnel within the Authority have been working with me to make this become a reality. I am working with the Assessment and Review Officer next week, to design new paperwork that will replace the existing Statement paperwork.

The plan is to run trials, with new style paperwork being submitted by some schools, with other schools continuing to submit ‘traditional’ paperwork. This way we have a control group, and the SEN team and panel can clearly compare and contrast both systems. Having a trial period will ensure that any initial ‘hiccups’ in working with new paperwork are ironed out, and it will ensure absolute rigour and robustness in the system.

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