One-Page Profiles and the One-Page Profile Filming…

26 February 2015

One-Page Profiles and the One-Page Profile Filming…

What an exciting week this has been!  We have had visitors…a film crew gathering footage for the one-page profiles in schools video to show how they can be used in mainstream schools.  It has really given me an opportunity to reflect on one page profiles and the impact of these at OPA as we continue planning our journey towards personalisation. What truly powerful documents these are to support mutual understanding within our school community.

All teachers at OPA have a one-page profile which is revisited and updated at review meetings. As a new member of staff, I am developing my one-page profile and it has really demonstrated first hand, the positive effects this can have to make you feel included within the school environment. It is very self-affirming to have colleagues tell you what they like and admire about you and openly acknowledge and act on any support needed. It has reinforced in my own mind, the positive impact on wellbeing and inclusion that one-page profiles can have on members of the school community, both adults and children alike, and the importance of moving forward with this as part of our approach to personalisation.

Currently, all Year 6 children and those with statements for special educational needs have one-page profiles. Zach’s person centred review was filmed for the training video; Zach really enjoyed taking part in this, a budding actor it seems!(See Jane’s blog from July 2011 to learn more about Zach and his last person centred review). I simply love taking part in person centred reviews where Zach is truly at the centre of our thoughts and discussions, and where he can contribute his views effectively. Zach’s one-page profile took centre stage as we had the opportunity to revisit what we like and admire about Zach, what is important to him, and the best ways to support him. It’s great to see the progress he has made, particularly with the development of his language skills, as well as update the support that Zach needs in school now.

As our strategic planning week approaches and we agree priorities for next year, my thoughts return to the PATH that Jane wrote about in her blog in January 2012. I am confident that one page profiles are a strong thread that will run along this PATH.

Next time:…More about our PATH towards personalisation.

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