One-page profiles and person-centred recruitment

11 August 2015 | By Amanda George

Samantha Leonard from Craegmoor, part of the Priory Group, has written a post about using one-page profiles in their recruitment process.

What's the best way to ensure we get the best person for the job?

‘What’s the best way to ensure we get the best person for the job?’ I asked my Service Managers when we were looking at recruiting Deputy Managers. We all had different ideas about how we could organise a day for candidates to give us an accurate picture of the person behind the application.

I started off by saying let’s get each person to devise their one-page profile , we can share with candidates ‘benefits of one-page profiles for staff’. That was task one devised. The Service Managers added other tasks including devising a support plan for something you would like to achieve, putting together a risk assessment, critiquing an incident report and finally an exercise on prioritising workload on a very busy day. A full interactive interview day had been designed that had the foundations of using person-centred approaches and would hopefully provide us with motivated, passionate Deputy Managers for two services.

Eight people were invited to interview and told that the day would be a series of tasks, some to be completed individually and others working as a team. We booked a local church hall for the interviews which would provide a relaxing, informal atmosphere.

I started the day with a presentation about our organisational purpose and behaviours expected of staff. I thought this would give candidates a good understanding of the sort of person we wanted to appoint. Then we presented about the services which required a Deputy and got started with the one-page profile exercise. I shared my one-page profile so candidates could see that I am signed up to this approach and not just talking the talk. As always when supporting staff to devise one-page profiles, people find ‘like and admire’ tough because it’s hard to say good things about ourselves. It’s better if other people can help with this but it wasn’t possible in this situation.

The next four tasks went quickly and all the candidates remained motivated until the end and worked well as a team. The atmosphere was really positive throughout the day.

When the day had almost finished I asked the candidates to participate in a closing round to ask how they had found the day. The round was 100% complimentary with all candidates saying they have been nervous beforehand but the format worked really well and we had words like ‘enjoyable’ and ‘fun’ shared. I am not sure I have ever heard someone say they had enjoyed an interview before.

The Service Managers and I were pleased afterwards of a day well spent with fabulous candidates. We were certain we could fill the two posts.

We intend to use this approach again for recruiting to any Manager posts with Craegmoor in my patch. It takes a little more effort than arranging individual interviews but it is definitely worth the additional effort to ensure the best candidate is appointed.


 If you would like to complete your own one-page profile we have one-page profile templates that are free to download.

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