One-Page Profiles for Staff

26 February 2015

One-Page Profiles for Staff

We have just had a really powerful INSET day, run by Gill from HSA. As we have One-Page Profiles for all of our pupils, we wanted to build on this process and develop them for our staff.

This would fit well with our new approach to Performance Review, as I wrote about last month. Although we do have an amazing team, with a very high level of trust and respect, we felt that working through the process of creating a One-Page Profile would cement even further our positive approach to team work. And from the point of view as school leader, it is essential to really know your staff, to know what makes them ‘tick’ in order to support them. By providing the right support, our staff can then be the very best teachers they possibly can be.

We started the day with an appreciation exercise. This involved us going around writing positive comments about each other. Although there was a self conscious reluctance initially, the level and quality of positive affirmation was fantastic. Staff really got into the spirit of the exercise, and our sheets were filled with very heart warming statements. It goes to show how unused we are to receiving praise!

The next activity was introduced to us: Good Day/Bad Day. Gill encouraged us to think about all of the aspects that make a really great day – a day that we go home from with a smile on our faces, a day that leaves us buzzing. We were also to think of the flip side, to think about what aspects make our day a bad day. A period of intense focus and detailed discussion took place. We then held a ‘market stall’ approach whereby we read each others. It was lovely to see the positives, and also to pick up common themes of the ‘bad day’ section. As school leaders it is so important to know what additional pressures we may put on our staff unwittingly.

Gill then ‘interviewed’ me, teasing out from my Good Day/Bad Day what was important to me. Then from this, we worked out the best ways to support me. This modelling of questions was concentrated, all eyes on me; to such an extent that at one point I became too emotional to talk! How embarrassing! (but emotional in a very good and positive way).

After a well deserved coffee break, we paired up and worked on each other’s ‘Important to’ and ‘How to support’ sections. The detailed level of conversations once again made me so very proud of our team. The level of insight into how we all work opened all our eyes to the needs of our colleagues in such a positive way. Once again, we then shared this work.

Within the space of a few hours, we have the start of our own One-Page Profile. We have the ‘Like and Admire’ section, and we have more than the start of ‘Important to me’ and ‘How best to support me’. We will dedicate the next staff meeting to fine-tuning these. Trust, respect, honesty was shown in bucket loads by everyone. What more can I say; a really amazing morning.

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