An outward looking future for personalisation at Oxley Park

26 February 2012

An outward looking future for personalisation at Oxley Park

This month we have had the privilege of hosting our first Person-Centred Reviews training. HSA led two days of training for several schools in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

For us it was a brilliant opportunity for Lyn, our new Personalisation Manager, to spend time learning about and using the person centred planning tools which will be central to her evolving role in the Academy. Having participated in Person-Centred Review’s at Oxley Park in her previous role as LA Advisory Teacher for Communication and Interaction, Lyn commented that the course was invaluable in giving her time and space to learn about PCR’s alongside colleagues, to a level where she feels confident to carry out a review. Lyn will be participating in a Train the Trainer programme following on from this, so that the development of a person centred approach in annual reviews in Milton Keynes develops, and is sustainable in the longer term.

We made the decision to also send one of our teachers to the 2 day training – Ross will join Lyn in taking part in the Train the Trainer mentorship programme. Our thoughts behind this lie in the belief we have, that a person centred approach needs to be a school-wide approach, not merely a vehicle by which reviews can be conducted. Ross has been an enthusiastic champion for the benefits of using person centred thinking tools in many aspects of school life, for staff and children alike. Ross will be central in helping us to continue our journey towards truly personalised learning for all our children. Follow the link to hear his views on the training –

It has been great having Lyn on board at last – we have already spent time deliberating together about the longer term vision for personalisation at Oxley Park Academy. One of our priorities, in keeping with the Government SEN Green Paper recommendation for the bringing together of support for the child onto one straightforward plan, is to see every child at Oxley Park with a Personalisation Plan. Currently we seem to have a plethora of differing plans – IEP’s, EAL Plans, Gifted and Talented Plans, Behaviour Plans – all of which have the same purpose, to ensure that the individual needs of every child for whom these plans apply, are met. However, a truly inclusive environment recognises that every single child at our school has individual needs and we are keen to represent this in a Personalisation Plan. For some children the plan will include language targets, for some targets to meet defined SEN, for others details of them as a learner – for all, a central common document will be their One Page Profile. Whilst Lyn, Cathy (our Principal) and I are really excited about the future, we have recognised the need for us to plan carefully in order to achieve our goals for the children – hence we are going to create a PATH together to capture our Hopes and Dreams, the Possibles and Positives, First Steps and the continuing journey.

More on this in future blogs as we set foot on the PATH ….

Next time Lyn will begin sharing her journey thus far and reflect on where her new role will take both her and the Academy.

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