One-page profile of a Health Worker – Joan

Image of One-page profile of a Health Worker – Joan

What others like and admire about me

  • Proud of being a nurse
  • Always trying to give the best possible care
  • Optimistic
  • Positive and upbeat
  • Inquisitive
  • Loves to make a difference

What’s important to me

I love my food, especially cheese, the stronger the better; and I like nothing more than a sparkling wine with friends. I love pasta, rice and Mediterranean food, desserts and chocolate.
I have a thirst for knowledge – I read lots of books, usually an hour at night before I go to bed. I go to museums and art galleries when I can.
Being a member of The Green party – if you don't like something I believe you should be part of doing something about it. We meet once a month on a Wednesday.
My job, talking to patients to make people smile and be happy. I am a vibrant character who is creative and diverse and loves life.
It is important to me to be creative and flexible. Not to have to do the same routines at the same time – I deliver results but need to be creative, and do in the best way I can.
To be in touch with people, and stay up-to-date through Twitter. I am on Twitter every day –first thing in the morning, sharing my thought of the day around 7am each day.
Running – It helps me to relax, especially after a stressful day and lets me eat what I want
Basketball – I have been a referee for 20 years. I travel around the country to referee at the weekends. I meet new people and get to see new cities because of my refereeing.
To go to the cinema, to see mystery and history films, and Disney films with my daughter and the pub with my friends, for example Paul and Simon in Sheffield
My three children, Luke, who is 11 and Emma, 8 years who I see alternative weekends. I am very proud of them. We go to the cinema and swimming together. Nuria, who is two and a half. She has some learning disabilities, she stays with me every Tuesday night, and inspires me. They are my world and I miss them when they are not there.

How best to support me

Sometimes I need people to repeat things. This is not because I am not listening it is because English is not my mother tongue.
If I ask you a question please answer truthfully even if it is not the answer I wanted.
I like to be included in making decisions and need to be given choices and not be ordered about.
Let me be myself, I’m a very passionate and creative person and some days I can have millions of ideas. Most of them are crazy but often a few of them are brilliant.
I have a genuine interest in people. I need you to introduce yourself when we meet so I know who you are.
I completely dislike any kind of vegetable especially if it is green. Please do not attempt to feed me these.
I do not like wasting time and unpunctuality. If you will be late please just let me know.
Be able to tweet during the day (obviously not whilst I am with patients)

Joan Pons Laplana

Joan’s story

Joan is a community nurse and has recently been promoted to the role of clinical navigator for Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. Through the Single Point of Action (SPA) he puts the right team, at the right time, at the right place for the right patient. The aim is to try to avoid hospital admissions, coordinating the different resources available to make sure that patient can continue to be independent at home. He makes sure that patients go to the right place when discharged from the hospital, avoiding costly readmissions.

How Joan uses OPP:
Joan shares a fantastic example of the ways in which one-page profiles can provide positive changes in healthcare. Joan has been using a one-page profile to help new patients feel comfortable with him. He had been experiencing resistance from some patients. The combination of his physical size (he is over six feet tall) and Catalan accent was making some elderly patients nervous and reluctant to talk to him about personal issues.

Joan said, “My one-page profile gives patients an insight into who I am. It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s home. Often I am the only person they will have seen all day and it is a very personal thing for them. To be able to share important and personal information about myself with them, will help put them at ease and feel more comfortable and therefore supported by me.”

Joan’s profile talks about his love of his three children, his passion for refereeing basketball games and his dedication to the Green Party. He reports that offering his one-page profile has proven a great ice-breaker – often sparking conversations about his patients’ personal lives too. For an investment of a few extra minutes with each new patient, Joan is able to start building a foundation of trust, mutual respect and friendship, enabling him to deliver better care in the longer term.