And the Personal Provision Plan journey continues…

26 February 2015

And the Personal Provision Plan journey continues…

Our very special visitors, who I told you about last time, have now been and gone! Helen and Gill from HSA spent a planning day with me and led a staff meeting to move forward the effective use of One Page Profiles at OPA.

My last blog explained about using One Page Profiles for all in the school community as part of our Personal Provision Plan approach.  However, I have not yet told you what this approach is; so here we go!

Each child in school has a Personal Provision Plan.  For many children, this will be their One Page Profile. This provides the important information to enable the child’s learning to be personalised. However, some children may need additional support for a variety of reasons; they may be gifted and talented or have a special need or disability, they may have English as an additional language or have social and emotional needs. A Personal Target Sheet, detailing individual targets, will also be part of the Personal Provision Plan for these children. A Personal Support Plan, detailing additional support needed across the school day, may also be used. Each class has a Personalisation Box for easy access to the Personal Provision Plans.  This is used by the adults working with the children.

This is the current approach.  However, the discussion with Helen and Gill led to the idea of incorporating these three documents into one – a ‘One Page Profile Plus’.  This maintains the One Page Profile at the centre of personalisation with the ‘Plus’ being additions to include curriculum/additional targets and/or any additional supports needed.  What a brilliant, logical approach to personalisation. We are now going to trial this with one or two children…so more about this another time.

After these discussions, a staff meeting built on previous ones (September blog) focusing on including parents views and key points for updating One Page Profiles.  The key events in the school’s annual calendar were mapped out on large boards.  Staff added their views on when/how one page profiles could be worked on/up dated/parent’s views sort etc. within this outline.  We ended up with boards full of red dots (!) and an agreed way forward.  There’s plenty of work to do!

So our very special visitors may have been and gone, but they’ll be back!  I’ll let you know next steps soon.

But I can’t leave it there without mentioning three very special events this month; it’s a really exciting time at OPA!  Firstly, we’ve had the BBC filming in school!  What an experience!  We are all delighted and thrilled to be in the final of the National Teaching Awards for ‘Team of the Year’ to be held later this month.  Personalisation and person centred approaches definitely develop team spirit in a way that would be very difficult to achieve to the same depth otherwise.

And the excitement continues to grow as secondly, we were invited to Pride of MK Award in recognition of this.  And on it goes as, thirdly, we attend the launch of the One Page Profiles film (May blog) at the House of Commons, again later this month.

Can’t wait to tell you more about all this next time…

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