The Personalisation Journey continues…

26 February 2015

The Personalisation Journey continues…

Wow, what an exciting time we are having at Oxley Park Academy!

I’m thrilled and delighted to say that we won the National Teaching award for ‘UK Outstanding School Team of the Year’, that I mentioned in my last blog! Our Mayor visited to help us celebrate. Pete Winkleman, Karl Robinson and Shaun Williams from MK Dons came to congratulate us. How the children enjoyed our day of celebration!

And, it is clear to see our focus on personalisation and person centred approaches has developed team spirit (which includes all members of our school community) in a really special way.

But, as you are probably aware, here at OPA we don’t sit on our laurels!! Oh no (!!), we continue to develop and move forward our personalisation approach and support others to do so too.

In November, Ross, our Year 6 phase leader, and I continued our training to become accredited person centred approaches trainers when we jointly facilitated a two day Person Centred Review training course.  Representatives from schools across Milton Keynes and other neighbouring Local Authorities joined us to learn all about the many benefits of person centred approaches and person centred reviews. We practised using person centred tools to gather information such as good day/bad day, what’s working/not working with them.  We shared our OPA approach and examples from our own practice as well as helping them to develop a strategy for using this approach in their schools.  All were extremely enthusiastic about using this approach in their schools and there were many converts! I’m expecting to see the use of these approaches in an ever growing number of schools.

Also in November, Gill Goodwin from HSA came for her second visit to OPA to continue the journey of supporting the development of quality one page profiles for all children across the school.  She met with Ross and Jane to plan staff meetings to lead the development of medium term curriculum plans to enable the development of quality one page profiles to be embedded with the school’s annual curriculum cycle.  So work carries on at a pace to further develop effective person centred approaches at OPA.

Alongside this, we have had our autumn term round of Person Centred Review meetings which remain a breath of fresh air as we focus on the children and their needs, over and above the procedures of the statutory processes.  And the same is true of our performance management meetings which truly focus on individuals through the use of the teachers’ own one page profiles. And you can all see how the latter works by watching the One Page Profiles film that was launched at the House of Commons in October.  Cathy and Mel, our Foundation/Year 1 phase leader, show you very beautifully how this works in practice.  I was lucky enough to attend the launch; it was great to meet lots of people with the same outlook on life, and especially other bloggers that I’ve only seen photos of!   It was great to meet you all and I look forward to the next time!!

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