Signs of change….Achieving our dreams – Happily and safely

12 March 2015

This time, Andrew Woodhams, Deputy Manager at Mulberry House, shares how the team developed a person-centred team plan.

Being presented with our blank 1 by 2 metre team plan template at our area team meeting was a somewhat daunting experience. There seemed a whole lot of space to fill and we really weren’t all too sure as to what we were going to fill it with. Naturally we put it back in its tube and hid it away for a couple of weeks whilst we plucked up the courage to spend some time deciding what to write on it.

Firstly we decided what we were planning for. This was the easy part – we just had to decide what our main aim as a service was. We did this by looking at the service we deliver and the outcomes we strive to achieve. We decided the purpose of our team plan was ‘To enable our team to care for the people we support so that they achieve their dreams whilst ensuring we are all happy and safe’. All that was left now was the rest of the plan!

After much consideration we decided that we should start by filling in the 3 sections titled ‘Who are we?’, ‘What is important to me?’ and ‘What support do I need?’. We quickly realised that all of these questions are answered on our one page profiles so we set about transferring the information from our individual one page profiles onto one team profile.

boardOur one page profile board.

This was extremely useful as not only did it provide us with an overview of our team but also provided information on who we are for anyone visiting the service. We then drew information from this to spot where there were similarities amongst the team, we used some of these to fill in our ‘team foundation’ section of the team plan.

We had recently had stress management training. As part of this day we had used lots of person centred tools to establish what we did well as a team and what we felt our key strengths were, we used some of the information from these tools to add to our ‘team foundation’.

We then spent some time thinking about what is important to us as a team. Again we looked at all of the information gathered from our one page profiles and our team foundation and identified what was consistently identified as important to people within the team. We discovered that as a team we like to feel like we support each other and are supported by the team, we like to be seen as creative and fun.

Next we looked at the resources we had to enable our team to care for the people we support so that they achieve their dreams whilst ensuring we are all happy and safe. We identified the following recourses:

  • Good communication
  • The outcomes tool
  • CQC inspection standards
  • Access to person centred thinking tools

We established the steps we would need to take to achieve our goal whist using the resources at our disposal were:

  • To assist all of the people we support to have a person centred review
  • To regularly review, update and input on the outcomes tool involving the person as much as possible
  • Staff will achieve all targets set out for them at appraisal time
  • To strive towards achieving outstanding inspection results
  • For staff to keep up to date with information by regularly reading the communication book, diary and giving full and detailed handovers



So when the tool was all finished we did some reshuffling to make a wall space big enough to accommodate it and what an impact the finished article had!

Simply due to its size the effect of the team plan is visually striking. The team found it very motivational to have positive information about our team displayed on the wall.

It is rare that a visitor to our service doesn’t spend the time to stop and have a read of our team plan. It is a brilliant tool for providing people with a quick overview of our team, our ethos, our values, the service we aim to provide and the support we need to achieve this.

After some initial apprehension this is a tool that it is safe to say we would recommend to any other team regardless of the type of service they are providing!!



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