Spreading the word about one page profiles

26 February 2015

Spreading the word about one page profiles

I have been very busy recently preparing for visitors. Yesterday we welcomed to Norris Bank the Head and Deputy from a school in York. This was an honour and a privilege, to feel that another school was really interested in what we have been doing with our One Page Profiles. I explained the journey that we have been on (encouraging them to read this blog which has reflected that journey from the very beginning!) and how we are proud of where we are now. I hope that this school takes on the principles and processes in order to really get to know their pupils and make learning even more meaningful.

I spoke about the power – and I do see it as the power – of really knowing your pupils; in terms of knowing what makes them ‘tick’ but also knowing how they want adults to get the best out of them. The whole process of information gathering is extremely valuable, and can so easily be added to as the academic year passes.

Just before the Easter holiday we held a fantastic Celebration of Talent. This was the idea of the School Council, and after weeks of auditions, we had a presentation of skills that blew us all away. You may be asking what is the relevance of this to One Page Profiles….Well we have noticed, now we know children have a passion and talent in certain areas, when we pass them in the corridor we can engage in meaningful conversations which really lights up their faces. They know we are genuinely interested in them. The One Page Profile provides the same vehicle for really knowing your pupils, and records this information about their talents.

In preparation for the filming in May, I have also been finding out which children want to be involved – as you can imagine, there was unbelievable enthusiasm and a lot of excited squeals. I am choosing the children that are now in our Year 6 class, who can clearly remember the very first One Page Profiles that we did way back in 2008, when they were in Year 3. They loved seeing their previous profiles, to see how they have changed and how some characteristics remain the same.

The filming will take place in May and will be launched in September.

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