Online learning package: Person-centred approaches for young people with autism

Do you want to learn how to better support young people with autism to make decisions about their future?

Our new learning package is an affordable and effective way to help you to demonstrate your college’s commitment to SEN pupils as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in person-centred thinking.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use 12 key person-centred thinking tools
  • How to support young people with autism to have control over decisions that affect their lives as they transition to adulthood
  • Myths about autism and how it affects individuals


Course structure

The course is made up of four components, to promote a blended learning experience and support ongoing learning.


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1. An online module gives you the knowledge and tools to apply person-centred approaches with young people with autistic spectrum conditions

2. A printed booklet that can be referred back to quickly and easily in the future to refresh your knowledge

3. An online helpdesk where members of our team can answer your questions and help you with specific challenges

4. Ongoing peer support through our exclusive online community where you can exchange ideas and experiences


How to buy

The online learning package will be available to buy from HSA Learning from March 11th 2016. To register your interest and receive a discount code, please e-mail us.


How the course was developed

This e-learning module was developed with Ambitious About Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism. Together we worked closely with a group of young people with autism and their families to support their move from school to college.



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