Switched On Support: Explorer level

The Explorer level of the Switched On Support programme is designed for organisations who want to learn about both person-centred approaches and how to embed them using telecare solutions.

It will provide your organisation the tools and knowledge you need to become leaders in combining telecare and person-centred approaches. In turn this will enable you to give people real choice and control in their lives by working with innovative, effective and outcome-focused telecare solutions.


Course facts

Duration: Multiple workshops, events and meetings over a 6-8 month development period

Number of people: Up to 35 people can be involved in the programme in different ways

Suitable for: Providers, commissioners, carers, family members and anyone who uses services can join us on this programme in different ways


What does the programme include?

  • 2 day ‘Getting Started’ leadership workshop
  • Planning Live
  • Telecare awareness workshop
  • Just Enough Support workshop
  • 3 review and planning meetings with the leadership team
  • 2 days training in Person-Centred Reviews
  • A further full day’s training on a topic of your choice, based on areas of improvement identified in the leadership meeting on day 7
  • Celebrations, challenges and action planning meeting


2 day ‘Getting Started’ leadership workshop
We begin with two days for the leadership team, managers and facilitators. Here they are introduced to:

  • The national and local context for care and support planning
  • What is connected care and how can it be used
  • Preparing for Planning live
  • Developing person-centred outcomes
  • Preparing for the Just Enough Support meetings
  • Getting the most out of the person-centred thinking e-learning
  • How we will monitor quality and progress

This 2 day workshop will help to inform your organisational objectives for the course and enable the team to move forward with a common purpose.


Planning Live
Planning Live is an inclusive and engaging 2 day event for 4-6 people that brings all the people who are important to a person together, to listen to what is important to them and discuss a range of options that culminates in a set of desired outcomes and a ‘perfect week’ on which to base the planning of the person’s support. At the end of the process we will have a plan that is both ambitious and practical.


Telecare awareness workshop
This is a 2 hour training workshop, at the end of which delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of using telecare
  • Identify key features and benefits of telecare products
  • Relate the relevant features and products to other individuals
  • Understand the role of the monitoring centre


Just Enough Support and Connected Care workshop
Now that you know what people want their life to be like on a day-to-day basis (‘perfect week’) and where they want to be in a year’s time (their outcomes) the next step is to make sure we can provide just enough support to deliver this.

The best way to do this is through the ‘Just Enough Support’ process. The purpose of this is to work out the best ways to deliver what the person wants. We will then combine this with what you have learnt from your Telecare Awareness sessions and leadership workshop to identify opportunities where telecare might provide the best solution for the person receiving support.


3 x leadership meetings
Our team will facilitate three meetings with the leadership throughout the programme duration to review progress, plan next steps, quality check support plans and actions and problem- solve together. This ongoing meeting opportunity will help to keep the telecare strategy at the forefront of the leadership team’s minds.


Person-centred reviews training
A person-centred review uses person-centred thinking tools to explore what is important to a someone now and in the future. By embedding person-centred reviews into your organisation as part of your telecare strategy, you will be best-placed to review your progress in supporting people to achieve their outcomes through these new technologies, although they are useful in supporting any service user whether they use telecare or not. The person-centred reviews process meets statutory requirements, and is very different to traditional reviews.

This workshop is a 2-day training experience for up to 20 people. Delegates will learn:

  • How to use the person-centred review process to update the support plan and progress on outcomes and actions
  • How to prepare for a person-centred reviews
  • The standards for person-centred reviews
  • Experiencing and practicing real time reviews
  • How to use person-centred thinking tools to address what’s not working following the review


Towards success (training of your choice)
On day 7 at the leadership meeting we will look at any challenges that you are facing, and this will inform your choice of training module for the ‘Towards Success’ day. Your organisation can choose from the following full-day training courses:

  • Person-centred risk
  • Community connecting
  • Positive and productive meetings
  • Embedding person-centred practices
  • One-page profiles
  • Person-centred paperwork


Celebrations and challenges
The programme ends with a workshop for everyone who has been involved in the programme and key stakeholders, to a total of up to 35 people. In this session we will cover:

  • Achievements: examples of changes for people supported including stories of the difference made with creative support planning
  • Issues: What has emerged that the organisation needs to explore
  • Action planning: next steps that address these issues and build on success

This final session will give you the opportunity to review how far you’ve come and ensure that you’re thinking about the future too.


Want to know more?

Contact michelle@helensandersonassociates.co.uk for more details or for a PDF brochure, including programme costs.




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