Switched On Support: Pioneer level

If you are trying to personalise support services in the current financial context and are already experienced in using outcome-focused approaches to care and support planning then these workshops are for you. You will learn how to combine what you already know about outcome-led practice with the latest in telecare to design innovative, effective alternatives to paid support.

The workshops can be used to design care and support plans for adults and young people alike, and they are at their most productive when there is a cross section from any organisation; for example, support workers alongside senior managers. This, together with the commissioning team, creates a real sense of partnerships working.


Course facts

Duration: 1 full day and 2 further sessions

Number of people: Up to 20

Suitable for: Providers, commissioners, carers, family members and anyone who uses services can join us on this programme


What does the programme include?

  • A year’s person-centred e-learning licence for up to 20 participants
  • An introduction to what’s possible with connected care
  • ‘Just Enough Support’ workshop
  • Telecare champion workshop
  • Review and next steps workshop


Person-centred e-learning:
This is an online learning package designed to introduce or refresh people’s knowledge
of person-centred approaches. It comprises of an award-winning e-learning module, an accompanying printed handbook, access to our helpdesk so you can ask questions to our team, and membership of our online learning community.


An introduction to what’s possible with connected care:
This session will introduce connected care and the possibilities it brings. It will be illustrated with real-life examples, highlighting how it can enable people to live happier, healthier lives when used in conjunction with person-centred approaches.


‘Just Enough Support’ workshop:
Just Enough Support is a highly practical, step-by-step approach to generating ideas, testing and implementing them. The aim is to proactively develop alternatives to paid support, promoting better outcomes for people, and to be in control as funding reduces. This makes it an ideal learning experience to combine with connected care.

At this 1-day workshop, you will learn;

How to use creative options for housing, assistive technology and getting the most out of existing resources.

  • How to develop alternatives to just paid support for people.
  • How to continue to develop individually designed services at a time of reduced 
budgets while staying true to values and principles.
  • How to look in-depth at a person’s day/night and work out the right level of support 
for them.
  • How to think about who the person is and what you can notice about what they bring 
and what they can contribute.
  • How to move from what currently is to what could be and testing out the impact of 
ideas on the person and the service.
  • How to find a balance between prioritising what is important to people and providing 
just enough support.
  • What the next steps are and how to develop a SMART action plan.


Telecare champion workshop:

In order to for your organisation to truly embed pioneering practices in the telecare field, we will spend two days training ‘Telecare Champions’ who will act as supportive advisors to others. 
At the end of the training delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the rationale and benefits of using telecare
  • Apply telecare solutions to manage particular risks
  • Identify all features and benefits of telecare products
  • Accurately complete a referral form
  • Access and use the supporting product information
  • Understand their role as a Telecare Champion
  • Review a colleague’s assessment and make recommendations where necessary
  • Ensure accuracy within the referral process
  • Suggest solutions to overcome potential barriers to making referrals
  • Understand the referral and assessment process fully and be able to support and advise 
other colleagues


Review and next steps:

Finally we join you for a review meeting for senior and first-line managers to review progress, problem-solve issues together and plan next steps.


Want to know more?

Contact michelle@helensandersonassociates.co.uk for more details or for a PDF brochure, including programme costs.



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