Amanda Jones

HSA Australia Associate

What others like and admire about me

  • Creative
  • Energetic and passionate
  • Knowledgable
  • Approachable
  • Great memory!

What’s important to me

• Being able to work in collaboration with others and share ideas and learning.
• Knowing that the work we do has a positive impact on people supported by services and the staff who work with them – being able to see or hear about this.
• Focusing on the positives! Being mindful of potential barriers but not letting them have a negative impact on my thinking or the way I work.
• Never rushing big decisions – having all the available information and the opportunity to reflect on the impact of any decision first.
• Regular catch-ups with the team – either training together or spending some quality time working alongside one another. Making good use of Skype and other technology when we are in different places.
• Being able to work outside my comfort zone. Having the chance to develop new work or try different things.
• Knowing that I am doing the best possible job and never feeling that I have to compromise on quality or process.
• Having a clear understanding of expectations so that I can work towards them and adjust what I do accordingly.
• Time each week to reflect on the work I am doing.
• Going to Pilates twice a week when I can, this is for fun and to take care of myself.
• Feeling prepared and informed before training or meetings, having information available beforehand.
• Having time for breakfast with my partner Chris once a week when I am not travelling.
• To keep learning new things and stretching myself.

How best to support me

• I am an optimistic realist! I am usually aware of barriers and do not shy away from a challenge but I prefer to approach everything with a positive attitude. If you feel I am missing any downsides please let me know so I can address them.
• I aim to do my best work at all times, this can often result in me obsessing over written work. Negotiating deadlines with me often helps as it gives me a point at which I have to let go.
• I do my best thinking when I have the time to reflect on things by myself before launching into discussions. If I am quiet during discussions it’s usually because I am still thinking through things myself. I am happy to share my thoughts if you ask me, just know that they may not be fully formed yet. Any available information before we talk is always appreciated.
• I thrive on the opportunity to use my creative side and am happy to be flexible in what I do. I am most confident with this when I am clear about core responsibilities and expectations beforehand.
• I appreciate constructive feedback; it’s helpful to know how I am doing. Please be upfront and honest with me so things are clear and in the open.
• Email or text works best for me most of the time. I am happy to talk over the phone but if you check when a good time to talk is first we are less likely to play phone tag.

Next team member

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