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HSA USA Associate - Oregon

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What others like and admire about me

  • Enthusiastic and passionate trainer
  • Visionary - awesome graphic recorder - able to see something and turn it into something beautiful
  • Able to break down large/broad concepts to help people understand
  • Down to earth, welcoming and approachable
  • Always looking for ways to make things equitable and inclusive
  • Brave and never gives up

I am passionate about inclusion and collaboration, listening to people’s perspectives and striving to empower them to share their voice. I especially love the use of graphics, as they relate to engagement, equity, and empowerment.

What’s important to me

•Creating and supporting a friendly, fun, judgment-free, inclusive environment where all people feel valued
•That people are engaged and “cogs are turning”
•Listening to people’s perspectives and using collaborative vision to drive action planning
•Being part of a creative, motivated, and collaborative team –participating and supporting each other•Hearing people’s stories and relating the material to their experiences—I feel that this makes trainings come alive, and helps to make sure people leave with knowledge they can use in their daily life and work
•Supporting people’s learning styles and making learning fun•Creating and using graphics, colors, visuals to engage learners and empower people to capture and share their voice
•Using music to create a creative atmosphere •Being knowledgeable, so I enjoy thinking on my feet when people ask questions •Receiving constructive observations and feedback, continuing to learn•Empowering and supporting people to go for their dreams
•To be real, “walk the walk”

How best to support me

•Include me in team conversations and decisions whenever possible
•Let me know ahead of time the size of the group and any available room/IT details, so I know what supplies to bring
•It helps me to know the background of participants (or any information is helpful) so I can think about ways I can relate the material to deliver more customized learning
•Provide me with honest and constructive feedback
•Share stories and participate, I thrive on interaction throughout the day •Properly working technology greatly reduces my level of stress
•I prefer to be able to arrive at least one hour early to set up, settle in, and familiarize myself with the surroundings
•I am at my best when I have some coffee, create an atmosphere with music, and focus.
•I need some quiet time during lunch breaks to refocus and reenergize for the rest of the day
•I love to debrief together and strategize for how to improve and make learning more engaging and fun. Happy hour is a great venue for this.

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