Barb Swartz-Biscaro

HSA Canada Associate

What others like and admire about me

  • Supportive
  • Resourceful- I get the job done
  • Honest and creative
  • Passionate
  • Understanding and caring

What’s important to me

• Family time every day
• Being the best mom I can be
• Feeling valued in my job
• To continue growing and learning
• To have a supportive team of people who share my passions to work with
• Weekends at home
• Limited travel away from home
• Family vacations once a year and reunions in the Summer
• Honest, open communication and feedback about my work
• Opportunities to participate in new projects
• Keeping my mental health well balanced
• Freedom to explore, create, experiment
• Flexibility

How best to support me

• Please connect with me if you have questions or are needing support from me.
• Feel free to challenge me, be open and honest. Know that I am flexible and open to new ideas, let`s be creative together.
• I communicate much more effectively in writing, my words often get jumbled or I can’t think of the word I am looking for. Be patient and ask me to clarify or put it in writing.
• Sometimes I need 5-10 minutes to process questions or information.
• Please try to meet deadlines as set in action plans or meeting minutes, I usually try to set deadlines in a way that will help me to prepare and remain organized.
• I prefer not to work in isolation, I like to have motivating people around me.
• I sometimes take on more than I should, if I say NO I am really at my limit.
• I need time to prepare so that I am comfortable with my task. If possible send me materials that will help me prepare well in advance
• I am a visual and experiential learner, I need to experience things or see them graphically to grasp the concept. Reading however is not my strong suit.

Next team member

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