Deb Watson

HSA Australia Lead Associate

What others like and admire about me

  • Passionate
  • Inspiring
  • Creative
  • Articulate
  • Flexible

What’s important to me

• Pete, James and Dylan – checking in with them multiple times on training and office days, ensuring that on non work days, my attention is primarily focused on our family. Whenever possible, having the boys home from 4pm to play before their evening routine.
• Having a clear head and sharp mind – doing yoga at least weekly to help myself refocus, always having lists to keep me on track. Getting outside for walks and gardening – at least 20 minutes of one or the other every day.
• Connecting as a team at least every 2 weeks on the phone/Skype, face to face meetings at least monthly. That our time together is always positive and productive.
• Learning new skills and trying new things on courses – never feeling like I’m stagnating.
• Training/facilitating with another team member at least once every three months.
• Only committing to what I know I can do rather than feeling as though I’m letting anyone down.
• Feeling connected to the international team – talking with Helen at least monthly, and also Julie & Amanda at least every 2 months.
• Using person centred thinking skills in my everyday life with family and friends.
• Opportunities to write and edit, and encouragement to do this whenever possible

How best to support me

• James and Dylan go to childcare on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays so these are the best days to book in work, and to find me in the office. If you need me on other days, please phone or text and I’ll let you know if it’s a good time.
• Without doing yoga on Mondays, I can be less focused through the week. I welcome any ideas for clearing head fog if I’ve missed yoga.
• We have no family nearby if James or Dylan need to be picked up early from childcare so I’m nervous about meetings far from home. I will need to make this a priority if either of them has been unwell or are showing signs of becoming sick.
• I often procrastinate when starting work from scratch. Having initial thoughts from someone else or a framework to get me started works really well. I love writing and editing, and have very high standards where this is concerned. If I’m editing your work, please alert me to any sensitivities you may have as far as having your work edited.
• I need laughter, fun and positivity to be my best in my work. Please join me in this and remind me if it seems I’m getting bogged down or too serious

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