Jo Harvey


What others like and admire about me

  • Charismatic
  • Bubbly and beautiful
  • Passionate and warm
  • An inspirational speaker

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King

What’s important to me

• Although my work is very important to me, my family is my first priority. I work hard to balance the amount of travelling I do, so I do not spend too much time each week away from my family. I work towards only one night away each month.
• To see my Mum and Dad every two weeks, speak to them on the phone every couple of days and see other members of my extended family 3-4 times a year.
• To see my friend Claire once week, we usually eat supper together on a Friday or Saturday. To have lunch with Laura once a month, we usually go on a Friday to Brassiere Blanc. To speak to or text Fiona every week.
• That everybody knows the best way to communicate with me is via the telephone.
• To try out an idea or concept before I can truly understand it. Therefore, if you have an idea I am your woman for trying it out.
• To have thinking partnerships. My best thinking comes from them and as my Myers Briggs personality type suggests (ESFP) I do all my thinking externally, which means I have to talk things through with people.
• That I have open, honest and trusting relationships with all the people I work with.
• To always have cats in my house. I currently have two big fat tomcats called Garfield and Felix.
• To always have my iphone and ipad with me; this helps me stay on top of my emails.
• To have a bit of Galaxy chocolate each week. My particular favourite is Galaxy Counters.
• To think about and act on my future health. At the moment this means actively planning 3 sessions of exercise into my diary each week and giving equal importance to it, as I would other things in my diary.
• To always have a book to read before I go to sleep but it must be a fictional book otherwise I won't be able to sleep. I currently use the Kindle on my ipad mini.
• To never leave home without mascara on.

How best to support me

• If you want creative thinking from me then think with me, talk to me and don’t ask me to write it down in an email, as this is not my preferred style.
• If you need to speak to me urgently then call me as I may be travelling and not able to answer my emails straightaway. I will always answer the phone if I can.
• Please tell me in a gentle way, if I have done something wrong or have offended you. Please do this as soon as possible rather than leave it to fester.
• I am not always good at saying no and this can impact on my work-life balance and the amount of travelling I do. Please check with me that I really have the capacity to do something before I commit to it.
• I need to have realistic deadlines set for all my work. I will tell you if I don’t think it is realistic. I will deliver against an agreed deadline but it will often be right up to that deadline. I work well under pressure, but not constant pressure!

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