Julie Malette

Lead of HSA Canada

What others like and admire about me

  • Always an encourager; make people feel at ease
  • Recognizes and acknowledges people’s strengths
  • Dedication to professional growth
  • ‘Unbashful’ excitement over new things
  • Proactive problem solving of real issues
  • Outgoing, enthusiastic, and great energy

What’s important to me

• Making a difference in people’s lives through the use of person centred thinking and practices in my work and my personal life.
• Visioning together and focusing on the possibilities/big picture and what we are trying to accomplish.
• Ongoing learning and how it keeps me energized and excited – learning from you and learning together.
• Being prepared before meetings and understanding what is expected of me – due dates are helpful.
• Having time to ponder before making significant decisions.
• That we build a trusting relationship where we are comfortable asking questions, sharing different perspectives and challenging each other, no matter how difficult this may be at times.

How best to support me

• When getting involved with something new I ask many questions. It is not to judge you – it’s more of a need to understand the current situation.
• My excitement and enthusiasm about new projects gets the best of me at times. If I seem to be volunteering myself or overly encouraging you to take on tasks that you are not able to take on, let me know that I am
• underestimating the amount of work or time needed so that we can set better timelines.
• Although I come across as being well organized, it is more at the front end of things my memory is not the greatest. I welcome reminders and nudges (text, email, phone) if you are waiting on me for something.
• I get distracted easily, especially with details and stories/examples – this sometimes makes me forget what the original question or topic of discussion was. Having clear agenda items and desired outcomes written and available to refer back to is helpful in keeping me focused during meetings.
• My memory is not always as good as I wish it would be – names/details/places are hard for me to remember. Help me make sure that we take good notes, especially when it comes to commitments to you. Be patient if I ask you the same question more than once and simply remind me of the answer.
• Let me know your timeline in terms of needing information or a decision from me. Don’t be shy to nudge me if I am taking too long.

Next team member

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Barb Swartz-Biscaro

HSA Canada Associate