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Lead of HSA USA - California

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What others like and admire about me

  • Considerate, kind-hearted, and supportive
  • Respected leader and strong team builder
  • Visionary, strategic thinker, innovator
  • Catalyst for person-centered change

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." ~Margaret Wheatley

What’s important to me

• To work alongside individuals and organizations to build capacity for person-centered practices, resulting in high-performing teams, healthy families, and vibrant, inclusive communities.
• To have time with my family on weekend nights as often as possible, and enjoy dinner with my husband at our favorite restaurant a few times each month.
• To be able to work independently as well as with a team that is committed to thinking, planning, and learning together; to feel connected to the international team
• To engage in strategic thinking and explore new possibilities
• To always be learning and have creative projects in development; to help develop resources for US organizations and know that my efforts are making a difference
• To have my iPhone charged and nearby to access my calendar, email, music, and files.
• To sing in a community choral group and volunteer for local senior centers
• To focus on wellbeing by practicing yoga several mornings each week and making time for long walks, especially in wooded areas or by the ocean.

How best to support me

• Include me in big picture discussions about vision, strategy, and action plans. Fill me in on the purpose, the desired outcomes, and the progress to date on a project before exploring next steps.
• Be clear with due dates, I work well with the positive pressure of deadlines. And I can give you my best work when I’ve had a chance to “sleep on it” and consider multiple perspectives.
• I’m frequently out of the office or have my phone “off” during meetings and training so email or text is the best way to reach me. Scheduling a call works too.
• I really appreciate being invited to join group activities, although I may not always say yes. Don’t take it personally, I am reenergized by having time alone, but please keep asking, that helps me stay connected.
• When working together, I really appreciate having an agenda with desired outcomes that lead to clearly defined action steps.

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