Rob Michael-Phillips


What others like and admire about me

  • Determined to make a difference for others
  • Original and inventive thinker
  • Whole-heartedly determined
  • Clever, funny and mischevious
  • Sees the big picture
  • Manages stressful situations with reason and good humour

'Try to be nice, and don't do things that are unfunky' - George Clinton

What’s important to me

• I adore my wife and children and need to be with them and for them to be proud of me.
• Working productively and putting lots of energy into everything I do.
• I am passionate about working with people whose voices don’t get heard
• I work in Mental Health because I empathise with what people are experiencing and believe I can help.
• I need to be able to finish projects to feel a sense of achievement
• I have to feel what I am doing is worthwhile, creative and important. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does need to be important.
• Having lots of variety in my work and collaborating creatively with others in interesting things keeps me motivated.
• I really like numbers, spreadsheets and formulas. I like analysing statistics, budgets, projections and making things efficient. Please use this to your advantage.
• I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and I’m passionate about discovering new (to me!) artists.
• Entertaining, cooking for others and having people around.
• I enjoy making things, I love DIY and any excuse to buy tools. It makes me feel useful!
• To know that what I am doing is good and a fit with what I believe is important and my values.
• I love doing something active and outdoors, such as mountain biking or rowing when I am able to make the time.

How best to support me

• I need unpressured time to think. Know that I can over book myself and need reminding to prioritise my time to reflect and prepare thoroughly. I hate not to be 100% prepared.
• Some days I just need to do some admin, so I can feel uncluttered and free to move on to the next thing, I need to complete things and tick them off my list.
• Understanding the people I am working with helps me to be more effective.
• Sometimes I feel tangled up in half finished ideas. I really benefit from someone helping me to break things down into steps as it keeps me on track
• Because I am enthusiastic, I can over commit in terms of quantity of work taken on and places I agree to be. I need to be reminded that roads are not always clear, meetings do not always finish on time and that tractors do exist.
• I think very fast and can get to the end of a thought process very quickly, assuming everyone is with me. I am not being pushy or bossy; please tell me to slow down if you need me to.
• I can’t think when I am hungry. Taking breaks and eating is essential for me (and those around me)
• I learn best by observing and listening. Every DIY skill I have has been developed by watching people either in person or on YouTube. I don’t learn easily by reading.

Next team member

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Emily McArdle